Tags: CDC Group, Global Partnership for Ethiopia, Nick Read, Peter Ndegwa, Safaricom Plc, Shameel Joosub, Sumitomo Corporation, Tenbite Ermias, Toshikazu Nambu, Vodacom Group, Vodafone Group Our corporate message “Enriching lives and the world” is designed to embody our vision of sustainability over the next 100 years. Our activities and our relationships with our stakeholders have grown globally. Our mission is to grow sustainably with society, pursue development for the world and enable a better life for all. The Global Partnership for Ethiopia was one of two pre-selected bidders for the license, the other being South African telecommunications giant MTN Group, backed by Chinese investment fund Silk Road Fund. Tenbite Ermias, Head of Africa at the CDC, said: “Modern, stable and prosperous economies rely on reliable and affordable digital infrastructure and access to global trade. We are ready to build a state-of-the-art network that provides key economic opportunities to tens of millions of Ethiopians, from city dwellers to farmers to businesses large and small. This result has the power to unlock development over time and is great news for Ethiopians across the country. Vodafone is the largest mobile and fixed network operator in Europe and a global leader in IoT connectivity. Our M-Pesa technology platform in Africa provides more than 48 million people with access to mobile payments and financial services.

We operate mobile and fixed networks in 21 countries and work with mobile networks in 49 other countries. Zum 31. As of March 2021, we had more than 300 million mobile customers, more than 28 million fixed broadband customers, more than 22 million TV customers and we have connected more than 123 million IoT devices. CDC Group is the UK`s leading impact investor with over 70 years of experience in successfully supporting the sustainable and long-term growth of companies in South Asia and Africa. The CDC is a leading player in the fight against climate change and a UK champion of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – the global plan to achieve a better and more sustainable future for us all. Sumitomo Corporation (“SC”) is one of the world`s leading Fortune 500 business and corporate investment firms with 135 locations (Japan: 22, Overseas: 113) in 66 countries and regions. The entire SC Group consists of more than 900 companies. SC conducts commodity transactions in all sectors through global networks, provides financing to clients, acts as an organizer and coordinator of various projects, and invests in companies to promote greater growth potential. HC`s main areas of activity include six business lines: Fabricated Metal Products; transportation and construction systems; infrastructure; Media and digital; Related to life and real estate; and Mineral Resources, Energy, Chemical & Electronics and an initiative: Energy Innovation. The consortium partners will be led by Safaricom Plc, a member of the Vodafone Group, and will establish a new operating company in Ethiopia to start providing telecommunications services from 2022.

In addition to Safaricom, the partnership includes: Vodacom Group; Vodafone Group; Sumitomo Corporation – one of the largest international trade and investment companies; and CDC Group – the UK`s development finance institution and impact investor. Global Partnership for Ethiopia, which also includes partners from the Vodacom Group; Vodafone Group; Sumitomo Corporation; and CDC Group will establish a new operating company to begin providing telecommunications services from 2022. The consortium wants to operate telecommunications services in Ethiopia that benefit people in all parts of the country. The world-class telecommunications networks we will create in Ethiopia will help the country adopt digital services that form the basis of any modern economy. A consortium led by Safaricom is preparing to provide telecommunications services to the Ethiopian market starting next year. Shameel Joosub, CEO of Vodacom Group, said: “The consortium partners have an excellent track record in providing transformative technology services, particularly in the areas of health, education and agriculture, based on high-quality telecommunications networks. We truly want to change the lives of Ethiopians by promoting broad digital inclusion as part of Vodacom`s commitment to connect the next 100 million Africans by 2025. The selection of a winner completes a transparent process that began in October 2020 to open ethiopia`s telecommunications market to operators beyond Ethio Telecom, the state-owned national telecommunications company. At the end of April 2021, the Ethiopian Communications Authority announced that two consortia had submitted proposals: a consortium consisting of Safaricom (Kenya), Vodafone Group (United Kingdom), Vodacom Group (South Africa), CDC Group (United Kingdom) and Sumitomo Corporation (Japan) and Development Finance Corporation (US-DFC), as well as South African telecommunications giant MTN Group Limited, supported by the Silk Road Fund, a Chinese investment fund.

. We support diversity and inclusion through our maternity and parental leave policies, empower women through connectivity, and improve access to education and digital skills for women, girls and society at large. We respect all people, regardless of race, ethnic origin, disability, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, creed, culture or religion. . CDC is funded by the UK government and all revenue from its investments is reinvested to improve the lives of millions of people in Africa and South Asia. CDC`s expertise makes it the ideal partner for private investors looking to raise capital for measurable environmental and social impact in countries most in need of investment. Safaricom is the leading telecommunications company in East Africa. Our goal is to change lives by connecting people with people, people with opportunities and people with information. We keep more than 38 million customers connected and play a vital role in society by supporting more than one million jobs, directly and indirectly, while our total economic value for the 12 months ending March 2021 was estimated at KES 358.6 billion ($3.58 billion). . Vodacom is a leading African communications company that provides a wide range of communication services, including data, mobile and fixed voice, messaging, financial services, enterprise IT and converged services to 123.7 million customers (including Safaricom). From our roots in South Africa, we have expanded our mobile operations to include operations in Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Mozambique, Lesotho and Kenya.

Our mobile networks cover a population of more than 295.8 million people. Through Vodacom Business Africa (VBA), we provide managed services to businesses in 47 countries. Vodacom is majority-owned by Vodafone (60.5% Holding), one of the world`s best-selling communications companies. In May last year, the Ethiopian Communications Authority (ECA) called for expression of interest in two new national telecommunications licenses in Ethiopia, which has more than 112 million people, in addition to Ethio Telecom`s existing license. .